Howth 17 s Dublin Port

305 Square Feet is the area of working sail as per the original 1897 Herbert Boyd plans for the Howth Seventeen footer. In 2023 the Class celebrated 125 years. With the original 5 Boats built in 1898 still racing today, over the years they have been joined by a further 18 (Sadly two have been lost – Sylvia (1915) and Mimosa (1984 ), and one is being built Anna,  and is hoped to be launched  in 2024 . My project called “305 Square feet” is to try and tell the story, showcase and share with you this wonderful class – Its Boats – Its People – Its History .

The outcome I hope will be a Film production  and/or  a Coffee table Book celebrating “ The Howth Seventeens the world’s oldest one design Keelboat class still racing as originally Designed “.

Please follow and enjoy my journey!

David O’Shea  (Photographer/Film Maker Dublin Ireland)

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